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Updated COVID Protocols and Scheduling

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 08/19/2020

With so much contrasting and confusing information, we wanted to let you know about the safety protocols for our Encino Dental Office.


Cracked Tooth [Pictures]

Our Dental Team | 01/08/2020

Breaking, or “Cracking” a tooth is one of the most common emergencies in a Dental office.


Can Our Kids Eat Candy on Halloween?

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 10/31/2018

Dental Office Encino dentists discuss the effects candy can have on teeth.


How Can You Stop Canker Sores?

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 06/28/2018

We strongly recommend visiting a dentist if you have a particularly persistent or painful canker sore.


Simple Tips to Reduce Suffering During a Dental Emergency

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 06/28/2018

Dental Office Encino dentists discuss simple tips to reduce suffering during a dental emergency.


A Chipped Tooth Needs to be Repaired to Prevent a New Cavity From Forming

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 11/28/2017

Even if a chip doesn’t cause sensitivity, you should still seek treatment and repair. The damaged tooth enamel could trap bacteria and food particles.


Stopping Stains Whitens Teeth

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 09/28/2017

Exposure to staining agents from dark foods and beverages can saturate microscopic structures, setting stains deep into your tooth enamel.


What Does Your Tongue Color Tell You About Your Health?

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 07/28/2017

Drs. Alan and Yonatan Howard discuss how the color of your tongue can tell you more than you think about your overall health.


Strengthening Tooth Enamel with Fluoride Supplements

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 06/28/2017

If you aren’t getting adequate fluoride exposure in your average day, Dr. Alan M. Howard and Yonatan Howard might suggest a basic fluoride treatment.


Are Tongue Scrapers Necessary?

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 02/28/2017

Naturally, we recommend considering all of your options when it comes to your oral health—include tongue scrapers.


Nutrition Guide for Seniors

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 05/07/2016

Having a healthy and balanced diet can help you maintain a strong, functional, and natural smile throughout your life.


Preventing Teeth Grinding

Dr. Alan M. Howard | 06/14/2015

Chronic teeth grinding can cause broken, loosened, or lost teeth. Bruxism can also cause excessive wear on the teeth.


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