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CEREC® Same-Day Restorations


Traditionally, restorations needed at least two dentist appointments since physical dental impressions were created and shipped to a dental lab. Board-certified dentists Drs. Alan and Yonatan Howard are happy to provide CEREC technology for one-visit restorations. The CEREC system uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) equipment to make your restoration in our practice while you wait. The Dental Office Encino utilizes the CEREC system to generate customized bridges, crowns, onlays, and inlays. The CEREC machine may also be utilized for cosmetic treatments to generate customized veneers. This revolutionary system enables you to avoid the hassle and time of physical dental impressions and multiple visits. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard at their office in Encino, CA to find out more about the CEREC system.


"First time patient here! The moment I walked through the front doors, I felt like I was in an alternate reality. Literally 5 different employees greeted me one right after the other. I have never felt more welcome anywhere in my life. "What IS this place?" I thought to myself. I sat in the waiting area next to the fish tank and enjoyed watching the fish swim around while I waited. A few moments later, I was brought back into the back of the office and to the chair where my cleaning would take place. Rachel took amazing care of me! She noted that they had Netflix and Hulu if I wanted to watch anything during my cleaning and mentioned that the chair had a massage feature if I wanted to use it. Wait, was I at the dentist or the Ritz Carlton? Whaaa? The office was so clean and organized I was overall just so impressed. Each dental patient is in their own area, but the areas are not walled off. So it’s private enough, but you might hear someone else talking to the dentist about a hole in their mouth (true story). I cannot sing Rachel’s praises enough. She explained everything SO thoroughly and really took her time during my cleaning. I thought it was really cool that they include an oral cancer screening during the exam, I had never had that done before! After my cleaning, I was able to meet Dr. Howard and Yoni (also Dr. Howard), the father and son that run the business. They are SO nice and attentive. They were fantastic with breaking down everything on my xrays and explaining what was going on in terms I could understand. I even went home with a little goodie bag that included a cute branded chapstick. After the appointment, one of the receptionists walked me through my bill/estimates for future appointments in this fancy private conference room. I’m telling you, I almost felt like I was at a spa. I’m coming back for sure!"

- M.M. / Yelp / Sep 29, 2021

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- M.A. / Yelp / Nov 27, 2021

"I’ve been good to Drs. Alan and Yoni Howard for years. I have no hesitation in recommending my family and friends to go to them because of their skill and use of the most up-to-date dental equipment. The dental hygienists and entire staff are also all first rate."

- D.W. / Yelp / Dec 09, 2021

"Wonderful staff, caring, and kind. Both doctors are top notch. Simply excellent!"

- D.P. / Google / Dec 22, 2021

"Both Dr. Howards are great. All of the staff go out of their way to take care of you. They have thenewest technomogy. Brittany, one of the hygienists, is the best. She is thorough and gentle. Very pleasant environment. I feel well cared for when I visit."

- J.S. / Google / Jan 25, 2022


Same-day restorations by CEREC at The Dental Office Encino allow you to finish your cosmetic or restorative dental procedure in just one appointment. You might get a customized bridge, crown, onlay, inlay, or veneers using the CEREC system. CEREC helps you avoid numerous trips, the hassle of dental impressions, and temporary covers. CEREC restorations may also be helpful when you have an emergency, like a chipped tooth or crown.


The CEREC restoration will begin with an appointment where Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard will make your personal treatment program. The procedure will require an electronic scan of your teeth. The scan will allow Dr. Howard to design your restoration. Once the custom design is complete, your restoration will be milled by the CEREC system. The amount of time required to make your restoration will vary based on its dimensions. When the restoration is ready, Dr. Howard will complete and polish the piece before putting it in position. He will then adjust the restoration as needed so it fits properly and matches with your natural teeth.


Once your CEREC restoration is created, it’s essential to maintain a good home dental hygiene regimen. You also need to schedule yearly dental examinations and twice yearly cleanings at The Dental Office Encino. At every appointment, Dr. Howard will assess your CEREC restoration and perform any needed repairs or alterations that will help keep your teeth healthy. If cared for correctly, CEREC restorations can remain in place for several years.


Restorations are usually partially paid by insurance. We’ll get in touch with your insurer to ascertain your benefits and your out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not have insurance, then Dr. Howard will tell you about payment methods we take, such as medical financing through CareCredit.


The Dental Office Encino knows that your time is valuable and several follow-up visits for a custom restoration may not be possible. That is the reason our patients enjoy the simplicity of CEREC one-visit restorations. While maintaining quality, Drs. Alan or Yonatan Howard can finish your treatment in one appointment by making a personalized ceramic bridge, crown, onlay, inlay, or cosmetic veneers. Get in touch with The Dental Office Encino to schedule your appointment with Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard and find out more information about CEREC one-visit restorations.