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Custom-made dentures may be a great choice if you need to replace most or all of your teeth. Dentures can restore your appearance and allow you to eat and speak with ease. Board-certified dentists Drs. Alan and Yonatan Howard can create either partial or full removable dentures for residents in Encino, CA. Full dentures replace your whole lower arch, upper arch, or both compared to partial dentures that leave some of your remaining teeth to act as support. At The Dental Office Encino, we can help you determine whether partial or full dentures match your goals, and then have your dentures made custom to look beautiful and natural. Make an appointment with Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard to get more information about full and partial dentures.


"This office is amazing. Dr Alan Howard is brilliant! I could not be more grateful, When he kindly took me on and repaired the horrible veneer work I had done at another dentist. I had dark spots on my brand new veneers and they looked like dentures , from the first awful dentist. I was in the dental chair for 8 hours at a time. 2 hours with Dr Alan.I was so scared to trust again. But Dr Alan handled me with care and compassion. It’s been a breeze comparatively to the last dentist. Having to remove all the veneers placed by last dentist.Dr Alan did that painlessly, and my new veneers are gorgeous!I’m eternally grateful to him and his wonderful talented son that is also a dentist in the office. You could not find a more honest caring place! You can feel safe and secure that you will receive the best and newest technology available at this office. The staff is amazing also! Anonymously yours...x"

- Y.Y. / Yelp / Mar 19, 2019


You could be a candidate for custom dentures if you have lost most or all of your teeth, but your jawbone and gums are strong and healthy. If you have natural teeth, they can either be removed if you want a full denture or you can keep them as support for a partial. In your appointment with Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard, so he can assess your condition and give you your choices to fit your needs and goals.


In some cases, Dr. Howard will perform an extraction on any natural teeth before impressions are taken, which will help us design your custom dentures. Partial dentures will be tinted to blend with your remaining teeth for an attractive result. As soon as your full or partial dentures are finished, Dr. Howard will adjust them to be comfortable. He will discuss methods to clean and care for your custom dentures.


It will probably take time before your dentures feel comfortable; however, it should become easier to speak and eat normally. If the dentures feel loose, come back to The Dental Office Encino to get your dentures adjusted. You will need to clean your dentures with a toothbrush two times a day. Whenever you take out your dentures, they need to be soaked to avoid drying them out. You should continue to attend annual exams and bi-annual cleanings at The Dental Office Encino, so Dr. Howard can watch the fit and wear of your custom dentures and the overall health of your mouth. He will discuss when your dentures should be replaced or repaired; however, with good treatment, your custom dentures can last for a long time.


If you are using insurance, some of the expenses of your custom dentures may be covered. A member of our team will talk to your dental insurance company to figure out your coverage and personal responsibilities. In your first appointment with Dr. Howard, he will personalize your treatment so your dentures match your budget and needs. To assist with making your treatment more affordable with or without dental insurance, The Dental Office Encino takes several payment methods, including low-interest medical financing.


Regain your ability to confidently speak and eat when your teeth are replaced with custom removable dentures. Board-certified dentists Drs. Alan Howard and Yonatan Howard are proud to create custom removable partial and full dentures for their patients in Encino, CA. Learn about how removable dentures can give you back your smile by making an appointment at The Dental Office Encino.