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To keep yourself healthy, you should try to avoid dental issues and get diagnosed before they develop into painful conditions. These problems can be identified during a dental examination for yourself and your whole family. While the mouth is examined superficially in your bi-annual cleaning, a dental examination consists of a more thorough analysis. Dental examinations at The Dental Office Encino assess your oral and overall health, including tooth decay, your risk for disease, and signs of oral cancer. Board-certified dentists Drs. Alan or Yonatan Howard will determine your need for procedures and/or advanced restorations while also looking for problems with your bite and jaw. Digital images can be used for a better view of the hidden problems in your teeth, jawbone, and gums. If you live near Encino, CA make an appointment for a dental examination at The Dental Office Encino.


Oral cancer is an abnormal cell growth in any area of the mouth, including the gums, lips, jawbone, tongue, salivary glands, and throat. Each exam at The Dental Office Encino will include screening for oral cancer to check for any symptoms including inflammation, sores, lesions, and lumps. Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard will also feel your jaw and throat for abnormal growths. Should any areas of concern be discovered, a biopsy can be done or you may be referred to a specialist.


"Words cannot describe how happy i am to find this gem of a dental office! Dr. Howard Jr. is so understanding and attentive and everyone in the office is just wonderful! The office even has the homely feel to it and the equipment i was shown during the tour (oh, yes, they give you the tour of the office before you get to meet the doctors!) is top notch and everything is available to get your dental needs addressed in one visit without any delays and wait time! My only regret is that i haven't found you guys sooner! Thank you for being so caring and efficient and so available! My problem could absolutely wait, but i was accommodated the very next morning after my initial call for an appointment with consultation and imaging review that was done right there and then! Will be recommending this office to everyone in need of a remarkable and outstanding service!"

- A.S. / Yelp / Apr 17, 2019

"First time going to the dentist in like 4-5 years and this office worked around my schedule which was very helpful. So friendly and kind, he was very honest about my X-rays and we got my cavity taken care of the next day! If there is any spot I would honestly recommend to anybody would be this place . I WILL be back . Thankyou guys so much happy holidays"

- D.D. / Yelp / Nov 27, 2019

"AMAZING experience from start to finish!! From the moment I called to ask questions and book my appointment, the staff was extremely helpful, personable and professional. Their intake forms are all submitted to you via email in advance so that you can complete them in your own time and safely (avoiding unnecessary paper handling due to COVID-19). I was also emailed and texted reminders and parking instructions beforehand! Upon entering the office, I was warmly greeted and the receptionist took care of me quickly. I was given a tour of the facility and instructed on how to follow all COVID safety measures. Each patient’s space has a massage dental chair and a TV with various streaming platforms to watch your favorite programs while you wait to be seen. The technology they use for x-rays, imaging and dental photos is high-end and high definition. You can view all of the appropriate dental images on the TV in front of you which is very convenient too!Dr. Howard was very friendly, honest and knowledgeable about what exactly was necessary for my teeth. I’ll admit that it had been a longggg time since I’ve been to the dentist, but Dr. Howard did not judge or criticize me at all. He and the dental hygienist, Brittany - were very kind, gentle, speedy, thorough and transparent about what was needed. They made sure my insurance went through, gave me an estimate of future work that needed to be done and scheduled me for my next cleaning.I would highly recommend The Dental Office of Encino to any and everyone!! They are safe, friendly and fun!"

- C.O. / Yelp / Jul 02, 2020

"5+++++ Stars for Dr.Howard & his Team! My first visit was in Fall of 2018. The staff gave me a “Tour”’of the space which I likened to a Private Jet - seriously! The open-space areas for treatment, decor, comfort & ease are just the beginning.The process of their endless variety of treatments is state-of-the-art. They are mindful of jittery patients (like me) & approach the issue with gentleness & compassion. I typically get my quarterly-cleaning done by Adrineh Krikorian who is gentle & thorough with a professional & caring approach. I also appreciate that she never lets me leave without scheduling my next appointment well in advance! It is clear to me they (the Dr.Howards) treat their staff AND patients as family. I would (& DO) recommend Dr.Alan Howard’s office to anyone looking for a great dental experience, words NOT typically used by patients putting off dental care! They ROCK!"

- S.M. / Google / Sep 27, 2019

"Recently was looking for a new dental office, as I was looking through yelp reviews I found that this office had a lot of good reviews. I took a chance and went in for a dental and was very pleased with the services from the front desk people, a guy and a girl very nice people who helped me get all my information I needed, to the staff which was very nice to the Dr's and younger Dr. who seen me and updated me on my teeth and what needed to be done. Also, the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth did a very great job. Overall great experience and very family environment which I would recommend more people and my family as well as they are looking for new dentist. Great job to the Doctors who are running a great dental office!"

- C.O. / Yelp / Nov 07, 2019


Encino, CA residents of every age should get an annual examination. Some of the most common issues like periodontal disease (the top reason for tooth loss) may not have signs you will be able to see. If issues are noticed early, you will have more treatment options and a better chance at a full recovery.

The ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that babies visit a dentist before they turn one. Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard can talk about common concerns including teething, using pacifiers, and baby bottle tooth decay. Our team at The Dental Office Encino can talk to you about ways to clean and care for your baby’s oral health so they develop good habits early in life. Dental examinations are also vital for older children as their teeth develop. Even though baby teeth fall out, Dr. Howard will look for issues with development in the jaw and gums.


Your exam will begin with a cursory evaluation of your teeth, tongue, gums, throat, inside your cheeks, the roof of your mouth, and other checkpoints. This includes checking for symptoms of oral cancer. Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard or a member of their team may take digital images and check for abnormal gum tissue. Dr. Howard will evaluate your neck, head, and jaw, including your bite and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). He will then discuss any issues discovered and your treatment options. Dr. Howard will go over any other concerns you may have, prescriptions and supplements you are taking, and if they might affect your dental health by causing tooth decay or dry mouth. Lastly, he will check any restorations you have, such as crowns and dentures, to assess the wear and fit.


How soon you need to return will be based on the results of your exam. If Dr. Howard doesn’t find any concerns, then you can follow a regular dental health regimen with flossing and brushing every day, plus yearly dental examinations and twice yearly professional cleanings at The Dental Office Encino. If Dr. Howard does find anything that needs treatment, procedures can be reviewed and planned.


Since a dental exam is important to your health, it’s frequently covered by insurance. We can contact your insurance to calculate your coverage and any personal expenses. If you don’t have insurance, The Dental Office Encino takes several payments, including medical financing. Dr. Howard can work with you to help you afford good dental health.


Keeping your mouth healthy means you can’t go to the dentist only when something is wrong. You need to seek preventive care. This may save your mouth from problems, plus a lot of money and time. We suggest appointments with Drs. Alan or Yonatan Howard at The Dental Office Encino once a year for a dental exam. This can help you to minimize concerns by treating them in the early stages. We try very hard to make dental visits a pleasant experience for all patients so it’s easier to keep yourself healthy. Contact our team in Encino, CA to schedule your dental exam.