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Smile Makeover


During your lifetime, you might have had injuries, dental issues, and more that made your teeth less than ideal. A smile makeover at The Dental Office Encino is a custom treatment plan of restorative and cosmetic procedures that can aid in improving the look of your teeth — and your general oral health. A smile makeover might consist of dental veneers, teeth straightening, cosmetic bonding, or replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings. Your smile makeover may also include restorative procedures such as bridges or crowns to correct missing teeth. If you want to know more about rejuvenating your smile so that it’s healthy and beautiful, make an appointment with board-certified dentists Drs. Alan and Yonatan Howard at their office in Encino, CA to receive your customized smile makeover plan.


"I want to let everyone know what an amazing experience I had at Dr Alan Howard's office. I want to start by saying before I even went to Dr Howard I went to three other dentist and they all lied to me. They tried to sell me on various different procedures that I didnt need and all would have cost me a lot of money even with my insurance. I was really losing faith that I would find a real honest dentist that help me with the problems I was having and not try to sell me something else. My teeth and gums were very sensitive, I was grinding my teeth and so my front teeth were short and very sensative. He saw me and explained the process he would do to get my teeth looking actually perfect and fix the sensitivity. He put veneers to fix my short, sensitive teeth, whitened and cleaned all my teeth to match making my smile looking perfectly shaped and white. I won't forget to mention his staff who is amazing from the girl that greets you soon as you walk in to the dental hygienist. The manners and professionalism is a standard that all other dentist should strive to meet. Dr Howard's 30 plus years as a dentist shows as he is in the business to make perfect smiles. I finally know that not all dentist are only trying to sell you procedures you dont need as both his honesty and end results have proven nothing less then superior to others."

- T.N. / Yelp / Jul 05, 2019


A smile makeover may be helpful if you would like to enhance the look of your teeth, or if you want multiple cosmetic procedures. Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard will personalize your smile makeover program to meet your goals and concerns. Cosmetic procedures that could be in your plan are bonding, contouring, or veneers to correct the length and shape of your teeth and to mask minor gaps between teeth. Restorations (bridges and crowns) may be suggested to replace a lost tooth or teeth. At The Dental Office Encino, we offer custom restorations to ensure they match your other teeth for a seamless look.

Prior to performing cosmetic treatments, Dr. Howard will have to make certain your gums and teeth are healthy. If you have any restrictive oral health issues such as a dental malocclusion or periodontal disease, then this will have to be treated first.


Each smile makeover is personalized, so Dr. Howard will discuss exactly what to expect throughout your treatment, such as the number of visits you require. He can work with you to plan your appointment(s) to complete each of the treatments in your makeover. Local anesthesia will be needed before a few of your treatments, although other sedation methods may be suggested if you will need help relaxing due to dental anxieties. During your smile makeover, Dr. Howard along with his team will be happy to help you feel more comfortable or answer your questions.


As soon as your smile makeover is done, you should keep up the health and look of your teeth using a regular home oral care regimen (both flossing and brushing daily). Along with home maintenance, you need to attend dental examinations and cleanings at The Dental Office Encino so Dr. Howard can check your progress. With proper care, the results of your smile makeover should last for several years. Touch-up procedures every couple of years might help to refresh your smile. Restorations and veneers might also have to be replaced or repaired, which will all be discussed with Dr. Howard at your visits.


In your initial consultation, Dr. Howard can help create a smile makeover plan that matches both your goals and budget. He can estimate the price of your treatment program and go over payment options we take, like low-interest medical financing. The cosmetic treatments in a smile makeover are usually not covered by dental insurance plans, although some restorations could be partly insured. We will talk to your insurance company to ascertain your specific coverage and personal expenses.


Let us help you create a grin you’ll like showing off to the world with a personalized smile makeover. At your initial consultation with Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard, they will explore the restorative and cosmetic treatments that fit your aesthetic objectives. Get in touch with our Encino, CA office to make your smile makeover consultation appointment.