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Can Our Kids Eat Candy on Halloween?

Every year we get asked, will I get cavities if I eat candy? Well, it all depends.

Let’s first dive into how cavities form. We all have bacteria in our mouth, with Streptococcus mutans being the most associated bacteria causing tooth decay. The bacteria loves carbohydrates and sugars and digests them when we do. S. mutans byproduct is a form of acid that dissolves tooth enamel and dentin leading to cavities. This erosive environment occurs within 2 minutes of eating.

So should we avoid at all costs to eat candy? Not necessarily. It’s all about moderation and timing. Having a few bites won’t cause irreversible damage. But if you keep the acidic nature from the above process long enough, that is where the problems occur.

1) Snack less 
2) Try to avoid sticky, and if you do eat sticky candy, try to clean the residue from candy soon after eating so it doesn't stay in your mouth 
3) Drink water to wash down anything stuck in your teeth 
4) Have fun on Halloween and save some candy for your parents

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