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Retainers in Encino, CA

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After you are done with your orthodontic treatment, you can proceed to a retainer to keep your results. Retainers are used to correct the alignment of your teeth. They are custom fitted to your mouth and your individual dental needs. Retainers are made from clear plastic and metal wires or from rubber. Some retainers are removable, while others are fixed because they are bonded behind the teeth. Generally, retainers are prescribed before or after the use of braces. They can also be used after surgery to help hold your teeth in position. To address the demands of our patients, The Dental Office Encino offers many high-quality retainer options, including a removable or fixed retainer. Board-certified dentists Drs. Alan and Yonatan Howard can help you in the process and talk about all of your options during your appointment at their practice in Encino, CA.

Types of Retainers

The Dental Office Encino provides our patients three kinds of retainers based on each individual patient's requirements: a Hawley, clear, or fixed retainer. The Hawley retainer (the most frequently used kind of retainer) is composed of shaped plastic, wire, and clasps that may be taken out. A transparent retainer is inconspicuously worn the same way as a clear teeth aligner and can be taken out out the mouth quite easily. A fixed retainer can't be removed from your mouth since it is secured behind your teeth on both or just one arch.

Best Candidates

Do you have slight imperfections in your smile? A retainer may be recommended by Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard to straighten crooked teeth. Retainers can also be used to correct your bite if it is misaligned. If you recently had braces removed, using a retainer can prevent your teeth from shifting. Although your teeth are set in their correct position, a retainer will help to keep them there while the remainder of your mouth adapts. A retainer is great for younger patients who are still waiting for the rest of their permanent teeth to come in and while their jawbone is still forming. Retainers can be used on patients as young as eight or nine years of age.

What to Expect

As soon as your orthodontics are taken off your teeth, you may start your retainer process. We'll take an impression of your teeth and ship it to a dental lab. As soon as your retainer is returned roughly 1 – 2 weeks later, we'll schedule an office visit. At this appointment, Dr. Howard will ensure your retainer fits comfortably before you leave. To care for your retainer, brush it every time you brush your teeth. Disinfect your retainer at least once a week by soaking it in a denture cleanser and warm water. After soaking, rinse the retainer thoroughly with water.


The amount of time you need to use your retainer will differ. It is usually suggested to use your retainer until all of your permanent teeth come in and when your jaw is done developing (normally around 20 – 25 years old). With good maintenance and routine inspections, your retainer can be kept for many years. In time when standard wear and tear happens, your retainer might have to be repaired or replaced. Meanwhile, you need to practice daily cleaning and keep your retainer secure when it's not being used. In case your retainer has been lost or damaged, contact our office to get a new one.

Insurance Coverage

Your retainer could be included in your dental therapy. During your initial consultation, Dr. Howard will tell you whether there's an additional expense for your retainer. They can discuss your retainer options and price estimates. If you are using dental insurance, we'll contact your insurer to find out whether any of your expenses are covered, then figure out your out-of-pocket expenses. The Dental Office Encino accepts several payments, such as medical financing.

Fixed and Removable Retainers

Help keep your teeth in their correct place following your orthodontic therapy using a removable or fixed retainer from The Dental Office Encino. Continuous use of a retainer may help prevent another orthodontic treatment later. We invite you to contact The Dental Office of Encino today to set up a consultation with our board-certified dentists and to see if retainers are right for you.

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