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Digital X-Rays in Encino, CA

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Digital x-rays or radiographs are done with an annual dental exam in Encino, CA to provide an interior picture of your oral health. Digital x-rays make it easier for dentists Drs. Alan and Yonatan Howard to diagnose concerns that aren't visible by the naked eye, and to understand more about your oral health by showing the interior of your teeth, gums, and jaw. There are several oral health conditions that may be diagnosed with digital images including decay, cavities, abscesses, cysts, tooth impactions, and bone loss. If these conditions are discovered in the early stages, you may have more effective and less invasive treatment options. As part of your dental examination at The Dental Office Encino, digital x-rays will help Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard accurately diagnose and correct dental conditions.

Best Candidates

For most patients, x-rays are included in your dental examination. Digital x-rays may be performed as part of a preventative dental treatment plan or if you are concerned about pain in your mouth. Even though digital x-rays emit significantly less radiation compared to film x-rays, The Dental Office Encino likes to minimize patient exposure. Although digital x-rays are usually safe for all patients, female patients who are breastfeeding or may be pregnant should talk to Dr. Alan or Yonatan Howard at the start of their appointment so extra cautionary steps may be taken.

What to Expect

Digital x-rays are a very low dosage radiographs, 10% radiation compared to conventional film. Often performed at the start of your dental exam, digital imaging takes around 5 – 10 minutes to do. You will get a set of x-rays to show the interior of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Once they are complete, they will be uploaded to be viewed by you and Dr. Howard throughout your examination. He will show you any areas of concern and go over treatment options.


A set of digital images will generally be performed once a year at your dental examination. For certain exams, a full mouth set may be performed for a more comprehensive view of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Your digital images will be stored with your oral health file at The Dental Office Encino, so Dr. Howard can view trends and address any developing problems.

Insurance Coverage

Usually, dental insurance will include and cover digital imaging costs as part of a dental examination. Our office can talk to your insurance company to estimate potential balances. If you have any remaining costs or if you are not using insurance, The Dental Office Encino offers several methods of payment and we can give you information on financing.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are an advanced tool that can help to diagnose oral issues. As an important step in an annual dental examination, digital x-rays can give Dr. Alan and Yonatan Howard a unique understanding that allows him to diagnose developing conditions so they can be corrected before you feel pain. To improve your oral health, contact our team in Encino, CA to make an appointment for your dental examination with x-rays.

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