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Breaking, or “Cracking” a tooth is one of the most common emergencies in a Dental office. You might be asking yourself, “How do I fix a cracked tooth?” Before we can answer that, there are a couple more questions to ask yourself first.

1. How do I know if my tooth is cracked?
When one has a cracked tooth, the result can be a feeling of sensitivity or pain when biting. Sometimes your tooth will hurt constantly even without chewing. Most commonly though, you might have a crack in your tooth and not even feel it!

2. What does a cracked tooth look like?
Patients often see lines in the outer layer of their front teeth. We often refer to these as “craze lines.” The craze lines are cracks in the tooth enamel, which is in the outer layer of the tooth. For back teeth, it’s much harder to see yourself. In our office, we use loupes, or dental microscopes to diagnose cracks and we can even takes close up photos so you can see the current state of your tooth.

3. What kind of treatment will I need to receive for a cracked tooth?
The treatment can vary from simple bonding of composite material, to more the need for a Crown. Typically this can take between 30 min to an hour. On more severe cases, the croack might go into the nerve and or root, which would be a root canal or removal of the tooth.

Early prevention and diagnosis are key in preventing a cracked tooth from causing more severe dental issues. By having your regular examination by your Dentist, you can easily prevent the need for more extensive dental work or dental emergencies! If you think you might have a cracked tooth, be sure to give our office a call at (818) 300-0222.

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